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VIRNECT Track comprises the following features:

Trackable targets

The Track framework can detect and track the following types of targets:

  • Image Target
    Printed images on flat surfaces, for example, floors or walls.

  • QR Code Target
    Printed QR codes on flat surfaces, for example, object surfaces, floors or walls.
    Each QR code is distinguishable by its unique ID.

  • Map Target
    Record an object or environment with our framework. Use this recording as a target to anchor any AR content in space.

  • CAD Target
    Track industrially manufactured or 3D printed objects directly from CAD files.

  • Shape Targets
    Track simple geometric shapes based on a single input image.

Tracking modes

The Track framework provides a complete object tracking pipeline.

  • Multi target tracking
    Efficient detection and fast tracking of multiple targets.

  • Hybrid tracking
    Allows to detect and track different types of targets simultaneously.

Tools for development

The Track framework provides a Target Trainer application. The Target Trainer application extracts trackable data from targets, which fuses the virtual and real-life objects.

The Track framework provides an easy-to-use API for object tracking. Using the API, you can detect and track 3D poses of trained targets relative to the camera in real-time. The Track framework can track rigid objects robustly even under difficult conditions, such as fast motion and rapidly changing illumination. Moreover, the API can be used as a Native C++ API in cross-platform environments (Windows, Linux, Android) and as a Unity plugin.