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Target - Map

Track supports robust and accurate 6-DoF(Degree of freedom) real-time tracking and spatial mapping of map targets. As visualized in the video above, the map target recorder initializes its camera pose by a given Image Target. With the map target recorder, 3D-objects or 3D-environments can be easily recorded and saved to the file system. Also Track supports multiple map target tracking in real-time as visualized in the video below.

Instructions regarding Map target recording using the Android Sampe APP can be found in the Map recording Tutorial.

Recorded map targets can be tracked like any other track target. Compared to the map recorder mode, the map target tracking mode provides faster and more reliable tracking and re-localization performance.


Map targets are an experimental feature and have the following limitations:

  • Weak to pure rotation of camera motion
  • Image Target-oriented initialization is needed
  • Requires abundant feature points from a 3D object or 3D environment
  • Large-scale spatial mapping is not tested
  • The Android sample APP provides pre-calibrated camera intrinsic parameters for a limited range of devices only. With other devices, a high-quality experience is not guaranteed